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Decora Evolve Dimmer Module


Decora Evolve Dimmer Module, 120VAC 300W Incandescent/MLV, 300W LED/CFL, 1/2 HP, Residential - White

*Exclusively available in select new construction homes. Ask your builder to learn more.

Standard dimmer and smart dimmer available.

Create the perfect mood for dinner, dim the lights for a movie theatre experience, or turn the lights down low to wind down for bedtime. With the Dimmer Module, you can create just the right ambiance with soft, inviting lighting.

  • SMOOTH - Precisely adjust the lighting levels throughout your home.
  • ELEGANT - Set lights to slowly fade on and off. 
  • COMPATIBLE – Works with dimmable LED bulbs and fixtures.

Color: White

UPC Code: 078477005200
Country of Origin : China

Product Information

  • Warranty

    Warranty : 2-Year Limited

  • Product Features

    Color : White

    Device Type : Module

    Feature : Modular

    Function : Dimmer

    Grade : Residential

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Product ID : Back of Product

  • Electrical Specifications

    Voltage : 120VAC

  • What do the buttons on the Dimmer Module do?
    • The Dimmer Module features Dim/Bright buttons to manually adjust the light level and a Setup Button which is used for device configuration.
  • What types of lighting can the Dimmer Module control?
    • The Dimmer Module is rated for control of dimmable LED, dimmable CFL, Incandescent, and MLV lighting.
  •  What types of settings are available to customize dimmer performance with my lights?
    • Using the Setup Button you can fine-tune your dimmer’s control of your lighting with settings for minimum dim, maximum brightness, fade on and off times, and preset light level options.
  • Where can I find instructions on how to customize my Dimmer Module?
    • Step-by-step instructions for the Standard Dimmer are available in the VMDD3 Installation Instructions
  • What bases are compatible with the Dimmer Module?
    • The Dimmer Module should only be used in switch bases that feature a square or a pentagon. It is not compatible with companion switches (indicated by a triangle) or outlets (indicated by a circle).
  • Does the Dimmer Module work in a wired 3-way application?
    • Yes, however it must be inserted in a Primary Switch Base only  (marked with a pentagon).
  • Can I use the Dimmer Module with a Motion Sensor Module in a 3-way?
    • No, the Motion Sensor Module will not work in a 3-way application with a Dimmer Module.

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