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Copper Cable

Copper Cable

Leviton offers best-in-class copper cables that are tested to exceed industry standards. From superior alien crosstalk suppression to flexible small-diameter options, we have the ideal solution for all types of demanding networks.

More information on key copper cable families:

  • Global FDT Cat 6A Shielded Cable - Ideal for applications that require advanced cable performance and the additional signal isolation advantages of an F/UTP design. The next generation fillerless cable design delivers the industry’s smallest and easiest to install Cat 6A shielded system.
  • Global RDT Cat 6A UTP Cable - Reduced outside diameter and performance margins above the Cat 6A standard, ideal for cable upgrades, retrofit applications, or areas with limited space.
  • Global SST Cat 6A UTP cable - Unmatched performance in signal isolation, high PoE, and alien crosstalk suppression.
  • FLX-1 Technology - An advanced polymer technology, engineered by Leviton, to improve cable jacket flexibility. 
  • CPR-Rated cable - High-end, CPR-approved cable ensures critical fire safety in data networks. Leviton cable adheres to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) guidance provided by Europacable.

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