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Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

For home, commercial and industrial applications

Lightning storm over residential neighborhood

Why do you need Surge Protective Devices?

To protect what matters.

Whether that’s a TV in a home, emergency circuits in a healthcare facility, or production equipment at a manufacturing plant. SPDs help protect your devices from damage or failure, saving critical machinery and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

What is a power surge?
  • A power surge, or voltage transient, is a brief electrical spike that occurs on power, cable and telephone lines.
  • The duration is typically in the thousandths or millionths of a second, sometimes recurring
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What causes a power surge?
  • Most people associate surges with storm activity and lightning, however, many daily events, from utility work to periods of higher-than-average usage cause small surges and disturbances inside buildings ever day.
  • While these routine events may not render obvious damage, they could diminish the lifespan of your equipment and appliances over time.
Plug getting inserted into a receptacle
Can I protect against a power surge?
  • Surge protective devices (SPDs) are an ideal way to protect against power surges.
  • They are designed to divert excess voltage away from the circuit, protecting critical equipment and preventing unnecessary downtime.
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Surge protection is meant to be a system of layered solutions. There are different types of surge protective devices, categorized based on the service area they protect and where they are installed. It's important to understand how they can be layered to ensure complete surge protection.

Commercial Surge Protection by Leviton Manufacturing
Blue Lightning Bolt in Blue Frame
Mounted on the line side of the main electrical service entrance panel, as well as the load side
Type 1 SPDs
Mounted to the load side of an electric service panel - protect against residual external power disturbances and internally generated power surges.
Commercial Surge Protection by Leviton Manufacturing
Type 2 SPDs
Surge protective receptacles, strips and plug-in adapters for shielding computers, smart phones, and gaming systems from harmful transients.
Commercial Surge Protection by Leviton Manufacturing
Type 3 SPDs

Different Types Of SPDs Live In Different Parts Of A Home And Building...

House and Office Building showing potential SPD applications

Are you up to code with Surge Protection?

The National Electrical Code® (NEC) has several articles related to surge protective devices.  Learn more about the codes and requirements in your code year to ensure compliance.

NEC Code Booklets

Surge Protection For Any Application

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Leviton’s electrical wiring devices are available in ARCAT’s construction specifications. These specifications are complete CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural specs that can easily be downloaded, customized for your project, and included in your master spec for future use. Offering BIM objects, specifications, and the SpecWizard tool, ARCAT is your complete source for finding, selecting, detailing and specifying building projects.

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