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Education Network Infrastructure

Education Network Infrastructure

Preparing Students to Work with the Latest Technologies

Education networks depend on leading-edge technologies to support campus-wide communications, from voice and data to audio/visual, security, intercom, and public address networks.

New installations require leading-edge technologies that can support successive generations while:

  • Allowing teachers to access high-speed data and an array of audio and video capabilities needed to keep students engaged
  • Ensuring students can take advantage of improved bandwidth reliability across campus-wide facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, dorms, and recreation areas
  • Providing school administrators with confidence that their school's infrastructure meets growing demands for flexibility, scalability, and performance

Case Study

Learn why North Carolina State University chose Leviton connectivity for its campus network infrastructure.

From the Telcom Room to the Classroom

Leviton is dedicated to helping educators keep students connected. From the telecom room to the classroom, Leviton fiber, copper, and AV solutions support campus-wide applications and prepare schools for future network demands.


IT/AV and high-bandwidth infrastructure that supports enhanced learning curriculums.


Comprehensive network designed to support study activities while providing students access to the latest activities

Admin & Health Services

Technology and efficiency to provide a productive, cost-effective working environment that supports student well-being.

Telecom Room

Comprehensive fiber and copper systems for a flexible and scalable network infrastructure.

Cafeteria & Common Areas

Signal extension for a variety of AV networks, supporting video displays and easy-access Wi-Fi.

Auditorium & Gym

State-of-the-art stadiums, auditoriums, and other event facilities with signal extension for enhanced IT/AV networks.