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Medical Grade Power Strips

For Use in Patient Care Areas of Health Care Facilities

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Code Compliant & Safety Ensured

Leviton's entire offering of medical grade power strips are designed explicitly for use in health care facilities, including all types of Patient Care Rooms, both within and beyond the Patient Care Vicinity, as defined by NEC Article 517. These devices also satisfy electrical safety requirements specified in NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code, allowing facility managers to ensure code compliance and safety.

Inform Technology


Leviton devices embedded with Inform Technology improve safety and productivity.

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by monitoring real-time data for power usage and device performance.

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by alerting end-users of potential problems with line-of-sight notifications.

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by reducing the need for manual calculations.

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As defined in NEC 2020 Article 517:

Patient Care Space: Any space of a health care facility wherein patients are intended to be examined or treated. This includes:

  • Critical Care (Category 1) Space  ̶  intensive care rooms, operating rooms, delivery rooms, etc.
  • General Care Space (Category 2)  ̶  inpatient bedrooms, dialysis rooms, procedural rooms, etc.
  • Basic Care (Category 3) Space  ̶  exam/treatment rooms in clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, etc.

Patient Care Vicinity: A space, within a location intended for examination and treatment of patients, extending 6 feet (1.8 m) beyond the normal location of the bed, chair, table, treadmill, or other device that supports the patient during examination and treatment and extending vertically 7.5 feet (2.3 m) above the floor.

Medical Grade Power Strips from Leviton may be used in ALL types of Patient Care Rooms, both within and beyond the Patient Care Vicinity.

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Medical Grade Power Strips with Load Monitoring Inform™ Technology

Medical grade power strips with load monitoring Inform™ technology monitor the load of connected devices so that you don't have to, eliminating the need for manual calculations. When the NFPA 99 load limit (75%) has been exceeded, a line-of-sight LED activates. It's a simple, efficient, and convenient way to improve code compliance and electrical safety in healthcare facilities.


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