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Sustainable Network Infrastructure

Sustainability Network Infrastructure

Leviton Network Solutions is committed to protecting the environment through the design, manufacture, and delivery of sustainable network infrastructure. This long-standing effort was first demonstrated in 2011 by our Glenrothes, UK facility and the entire organization by becoming the first data communications manufacturer in Europe to achieve carbon neutrality. And in 2024 all global Network Solutions facilities achieved carbon neutrality. Throughout our organization we follow strict manufacturing practices and develop products that can contribute to greater energy savings, create less waste, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. See our corporate commitment to achieve carbon neutrality across all business units by 2030.

Environmental Product Declarations

Leviton is empowering green building projects with the sustainability data they need to succeed.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction & Energy Efficiency

  • Leviton-made LED lighting and sensors consume up to 55% less energy in our facilities​
  • We reduce transportation emissions with combining shipments and pallet sharing, and optional direct drop-shipping with make-to-order products​
  • Carbon offsets include investments in hydropower and transportation projects


  • Shutters on cassettes and adapter plates minimize or eliminate the use of dust plugs typically thrown away on the jobsite.​

  • Smaller cable with less material has​ 5-7% smaller carbon footprint when compared to standard patch cable​​

  • Eco-friendly Small OD High-Flex Cat 6A Patch Cords that are 46% lighter, reducing freight weight and costs​. And a reduction in materials - 52% less copper​, 41% less cable insulation​, and 72% less boot plastic​ when compared to a standard patch cable. 

Reduce Job Waste

Reduce Job Waste

  • Recyclable cable boxes use plain cardboard with reduced ink content; cable is supplied on recyclable, reusable wooden reels​

  • SMARTPAK™ cable packaging that can reduce cardboard and cable scrap by up to 15%​

  • Factory terminated assemblies are made to exact lengths, eliminating termination scrap material on the jobsite.​

 Maximize Recycling

Maximize Recycling

  • Leviton recycling programs divert tons of waste from landfills every year​
  • The copper, insulation and filler materials in our category cables contain between 10% and 100% recycled materials, depending on the cable construction​
  • Up to 25% of plastic used in injection mold operations​​ for connectivity manufacturing is reground and reused​
Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

  • Onsite treatment systems thoroughly clean manufacturing water before release​

  • Closed loop water cooling systems reduce water use by 89%​

  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans performed quarterly by third party

Sustainability by Design

Environmental impact is considered at every step of our ISO 9001 certified product development process, from initial material sourcing to final packaging and logistics. The result: Leviton offers bulk packs and other smart packaging to reduce waste; we use recycled and sustainably sourced materials in products and packaging; and all products are RoHS/REACH compliant.

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