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GREENPACK™ Bulk Packaging

ITAV Systems

Less stress, less mess on large installations with new GREENPACK™ packaging

Large network installations can be cumbersome and time consuming for IT network managers, with workers needing to open hundreds or even thousands of individually packaged jacks and patch cords. Fortunately, Leviton GREENPACK bulk packs effectively streamlines installation and reduces material waste from entering the landfill.

GREENPACK is available for ATLAS-X1™ Cat 6A and Cat 6 UTP and shielded jacks, EXTREME™ Cat 6A UTP jacks, and Cat 6A High-Flex Patch Cords.

  • Jack GREENPACKS hold 12 units in individual, clear pockets. The jacks can be removed quickly, with remaining jacks and components staying well organized. This saves time at the jobsite, enabling much faster unpacking and deployment. The corrugated cardboard sleeve and PET plastic packaging are 100 percent recyclable. A see-through window allows for quick product identification. Available in three jack colors for better network planning, 12-jack GREENPACK provides the right number of jacks to match patch panel configurations (12 ports = 1 Pack, 24 ports = 2 Packs, 48 ports = 4 Packs).
  • Patch Cord GREENPACKS hold 12 or 24 units per box with no single use packaging. GREENPACK bulk pack patch cords speed network deployment and greatly reduce jobsite waste. The Sustainably Smart Packaging is fully recyclable and includes of features like perforated windows for easy product identification, stackable cartons, and information entry fields for administrative notes.

Will GREENPACK packaging save you money on labor? Absolutely. In a typical 10,000 jack installation, using GREENPACK provides a three percent total project cost savings in materials and labor. Workers will spend less time fiddling with opening individual plastic packages, and more time on actual termination, speeding up the time it takes to complete a project.

Plus, GREENPACK packaging is a win for sustainability. The packs are an environmentally sound alternative to individually packaged jacks, wasting a lot less plastic and helping to keep our oceans safe from excessive plastic waste.

Leviton jacks and patch cords, including those sold in the GREENPACK bulk packs, are available through the company's extensive distribution network.

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