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Efficient Design, Faster Construction, and Safe Operations

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With emerging energy saving technologies, enhanced networking capabilities and wiring devices made in the USA, our goal is to help government agencies lead the nation in energy efficient building design, faster construction and safe operations.
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Network Infrastructure

Unlike many other companies, the majority of Network Solutions products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. and U.K. Category-rated jacks and patch panels, fiber enclosures, copper and fiber trunks, and more are produced in company-owned and operated, state-of-the art facilities.

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Measurement & Verification

Ideal for real-time energy monitoring & tenant billing applications, VerifEye™ delivers comprehensive submetering solutions for revenue grade measurement to identify energy saving opportunities and improve bottom lines. 

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Lighting Controls

Experts predict that over the next 30 years, the current U.S. building stock of 300 billion square feet will change dramatically, with 52 billion square feet being demolished, 150 billion square feet remodeled and another 150 billion square feet being added.

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Increase Energy Savings and Meet Energy Code Requirements

Energy efficiency requires a whole building approach. Leviton takes the guesswork out of IECC, ASHRAE 90.1 & Title 24 lighting controls & submetering requirements with flexible solutions, expertise & exclusive services from start to finish. 

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