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Concrete Floor Boxes

Maximum Compatibility, Ease of Adjustment & Superior Performance

Concrete Floor Box - Steel Version Flush Plate

Deliver the Power, Data & AV You Need, Where You Need It

From the floor box itself to the devices inside, this system delivers superior electrical power, AV and networking solutions for any type of commercial construction or applications. Ease of adjustability before and after the concrete pour, combined with extremely durable cover plates, allow these products to be backed by an industry-leading warranty! This floor box system can accommodate any standard or Decora, single or duplex receptacle outlet, or QuickPort® insert for maximum compatibility.

Concrete Floor Box - PVC

Features & Benefits

  1. The 6.25" 2-Gang PVC box can be installed in concrete subflooring, with a finishing floor of wood, tile, vinyl, terrazzo, concrete or carpet
  2. Low Voltage Divider included in FBBOX; also sold separately
  3. A yellow, temporary protective cover with bullseye level that seals box to prevent debris until finished flooring and cover plates are installed
  4. Leveling Ring allows for more adjustability—up to 3/4"—after concrete pouring and installation; sold separately
  5. Cover Plates available in four configurations with solid, forged brass, clear coat or nickel-plated matte finish; sold separately
  6. "Y" Conduit Adapter for splitting power conduit; sold separately
  7. Power Conduit Reducers included in FBBOX; also sold separately
  8. Features a 2" wide data port and a low voltage divider for protection inside the box
  9. Data Conduit Reducers included in FBBOX; also sold separately
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Concrete Floor Box - Steel

  • Rotating flange adjusts to finished floor height
  • Flip lids on stainless steel cover fold inwards, allowing for a completely flush installation and eliminating tripping hazards
  • In-slab floor box allows for recessed plugging
  • Three options covering both power and data 
  • Each part number embodies entire kit!
Concrete Floor Box Steel - Details


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Maximum Compatibility & Accommodation

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Leviton’s electrical wiring devices are available in ARCAT’s construction specifications. These specifications are complete CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural specs that can easily be downloaded, customized for your project, and included in your master spec for future use. Offering BIM objects, specifications, and the SpecWizard tool, ARCAT is your complete source for finding, selecting, detailing and specifying building projects.

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