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Motion Sensor Light Switches

Leviton's occupancy and vacancy motion sensor light switches provide safety and convenience of motion-activated hands-free lighting and energy saving home lighting.
Is it difficult to reach a light switch when carrying packages or laundry? Are you tired of lights being left on when a room is unoccupied? We have the solution! Enjoy the safety and convenience of hands-free lighting with motion-activated Leviton occupancy and vacancy motion sensor light switches. Simply replace an existing light switch in the laundry room, pantry, garage, mudroom, basement, storage areas, closets, children's bedrooms, playrooms and more. Motion Sensor switches make a great addition for easy, energy saving home lighting.

Motion Sensor Light Switch Benefits


Easy update that replaces a standard light switch to automate lighting.

Improve Safety

Use in areas where you may enter or exit with hands full or have difficulty reaching for a light switch.


No touching required to help keep light switches cleaner.

Key Features of Decor Motion Sensor Light Switches

Motion Sensors
Advanced Features with High Tech Look

Modern look with ambient light sensor that prevents lights from turning ON when there is ample natural sunlight

Modify Sensor Type

Occupancy sensor can change into vacancy mode for Manual ON operation for a specific activity or to meet code requirements


Adjust settings by pressing push pad. No tools or removing the wallplate and faceplate

Simple Color Change

Removeable faceplates for easy color change without having to replace the device

Slim Profile

0.94” depth makes it easier to install in smaller wallboxes


Removeable sleeve allows connection to a Neutral wire if one is present or to Ground wire if no Neutral is present

User-Friendly Installation

Interchangeable Line and Load Wires mean no need to test for line (hot) wire and helps prevent miswiring

User-Friendly Installation

Interchangeable Line and Load Wires mean no need to test for line (hot) wire and helps prevent miswiring

Choosing the Right Motion Sensor Light Switch

Lights turn on and off automatically. Useful in areas where hands full or reaching for a light switch may be difficult.

You Need an Occupancy Sensor
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Lights turn off automatically but must be manually turned on. Ideal in areas with high traffic or where lights might be accidentally left on.

You Need a Vacancy Sensor
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Ventilation fan turns on and off automatically based on humidity.

You Need a Humidity Sensor
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Functional/Convenient Switches

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