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My Leviton Smart Home

See your home in a new light | Automated ambiance, seamless EV charging, and intuitive backup power when the grid fails, all in a single app

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Manage Lights, Fans, and Outlets with Ease

Turn downstairs lights off without leaving your bed or connect a humidifier to a smart plug in your nursery and turn it off without waking the baby.

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Add Intelligence to Your Electric Vehicle

Maximize savings by scheduling charges during off-peak hours, remote management, and real-time status updates.

Smart Breakers for Energy Savings

Manage and optimize your home’s energy consumption with remote breaker control, circuit scheduling, and electrical anomaly detection.

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My Leviton Compatible Products | The Complete Smart Home Experience

Smart Lighting

Prioritize the functionality and convenience of your living spaces with smart lighting. 

Decora Smart
Smart GFCI

Enhance protection with instant alerts to safeguard home appliances.

Decora Smart
Smart Car Chargers

Remotely start and stop charging and schedule charging sessions.

Decora Smart
Smart Circuit Breakers

Identify high-usage circuits and turn breakers on or off via the My Leviton app. 

Decora Smart
Decora Smart Wi-Fi Tamper Resistant Outlet

Make anything smart, simply plug it in and control via app, voice, or schedule.

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Decora Smart Fan Speed Controller

Automate fan control as part of a whole home Wi-Fi lighting and load control solution

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Leviton Load Centers

All-white indoor circuit breaker box with optional smart breakers

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EV Series Standard Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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Decora Smart Scene Controller Switch

Use the app to assign custom room scenes or activities, such as “Dinner Time” or “All Off”

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Decora Smart Dimmer Switch

Know if lights are on and adjust whether you're home, at work, or on vacation

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Wire-Free Anywhere Companions

Add lighting control where you need – a staircase, hallway, open areas with multiple entrances or to control a lamp from a wall switch

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Decora Smart Indoor Dimmer Plug

Use the smart plug to dim and brighten plug-in lamps from the My Leviton App

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Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Use an auto-shutoff timer to automatically turn off lights after a set period of time

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Decora Smart Motion Sensing Dimmer Switch

Hands full or can't reach the light switch? Go touch-free by automatically turning lights on when you enter the room

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