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The Modern Load Center

A Modular, Affordable Smart Energy Management Solution

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The Most Modular Smart Home Solution

Leviton Load Center + My Leviton App

Position your home for the future. Reduce your energy costs and your environmental impact. The latest smart capabilities in the My Leviton App were designed for the residential electrical system that’s making energy management smarter, the Leviton Load Center.

Smart Energy Management

Leviton equips homeowners with the necessary insights to control their expenses and environmental impact via a single app for lighting, load control, and EV charging.

A single app for lighting, load control, and EV charging

The updated My Leviton dashboard provides a quick-glance view of smart lighting and car chargers, plus an intuitive summary of real-time total energy usage including a breakdown of what source(s) are currently powering the residence and top consuming circuits by kWh.

Prioritize your essential circuits

Rather than installing a secondary Essential Loads Panel to power critical circuits from a generator, the My Leviton app provides an interface where users can change their Essential and Nonessential circuits at any time, with no need for re-wiring. The Whole Home Energy Monitor integrates with Automatic Transfer Switches via contact interface and will automatically shed Nonessential loads when grid power fails.

essential circuits

Safety and convenience

The My Leviton app provides peace-of-mind with alerts and notifications for unusual electrical activity, including when and why a circuit trips, high or low voltage events, if the breaker fails a self-test, or if communication is lost. In addition to customized notifications per circuit, users can select Smart Anomaly Detection to receive alerts if unusual activity is identified, such as a freezer not running, or an HVAC system running for too long.


My Leviton Mobile App

Leviton delivers a streamlined Smart Home and Energy Management experience by unifying control, scheduling, and personalization of Leviton Smart Circuit Breakers, Decora Smart Wi-Fi Lighting, and Evr-Green Electric Vehicle Chargers in a single interface, allowing homeowners to view their energy use trends and coordinate activity to conserve energy and save money.

"Leviton’s system goes a step further by integrating smart technology directly into the breaker box and individual circuit breakers, giving homeowners far more information on the power management in their homes." - The Verge

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