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Global Indoor/Outdoor Dry Loose-Tube Cable

Revolutionary Indoor/Outdoor ADVENTUM™ cables are designed to be used in plenum and Euroclass environments around the globe. This revolutionary fire-rated cable is designed to be installed in virtually any environment, including outside plant, internal building applications, vertical riser installations, and data centers.

Universal Indoor/Outdoor Design

  • ADVENTUM utilizes dry loose-tube technology with color coded buffer tubes and strength members that have been carefully engineered for a compact and robust design.
  • Available in a wide range of fiber counts that allow campuses and organizations the flexibility to meet their high-capacity backbone cabling needs effectively.

Faster, Easier Installation

  • Cable core and buffer tubes contain an advanced, gel-free, water blocking technology that keeps water from penetrating the cable without the mess associated with wet gel constructions.
  • ADVENTUM can be installed from "closet-to-closet" among buildings, achieving 25% savings over traditional gel filled OSP designs by eliminating the need for transition point terminations and system grounding requirements.
  • Suitable for installation across buildings and campuses; on cable trays, inside ducts or lashed to a building.

PAS2060 Carbon Neutral

ADVENTUM CPR-rated cables are made using 100% renewable energy in Leviton's PAS2060 carbon neutral manufacturing facility in Glenrothes, UK. ADVENTUM cables are part of Leviton's standard performance SDX Premises system, an OPT-X™ fiber system with spliced or mechanical field terminated connectivity to meet a wide variety of application needs and deployment locations for customers globally. 

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