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SDX Premises

OPT-X™ Global Fiber Optic System

OPT-X SDX Premises Global Fiber System

Designed for essential connectivity in the enterprise, the SDX Premises System offers 72 fibers per rack-unit density, with spliced or mechanical field terminated connectivity to meet a wide variety of applications and deployment locations. OPT-X fiber systems are global solutions available anywhere.

  • Efficient field termination: SDX platform allows for easy field termination of connectors and splicing in a standard-density footprint. Typically deployed with Leviton’s loose tube or tight buffered bulk cable, the system offers a variety of field termination options including splice trays, splice modules, pigtails and mechanical fiber connectors.
  • Versatile for range of locations: Front-loading rack-mount and wall-mount enclosures and panels come in a range of sizes, with enhanced labeling options to simplify MAC work.
  • Smaller connection channels: With economy patch cords and standard performance connectivity, the Premises systems offers the best value for point-to-point or single-patch field architectures.
  • Standard density and lower fiber count networks: Ideal for typical enterprise backbones with 6-fiber to 24-fiber trunks, leaving ample room for regular maintenance or MACs.

Premises solutions include bulk cable and field terminated connectivity that deliver reliable, standard loss performance for campuses and enterprise networks. They are designed for installation with the OPT-X SDX platform.

OPT-X™ SDX Enclosures

  • A range of enclosures and panels house precision-molded SDX adapter plates, MTP® Cassettes, Splice Modules, and cable assemblies
  • SDX 2000i and 1000i Rack-Mount Enclosures include sliding trays that remove completely to facilitate easy field terminations and splicing
  • SDX Wall-mount Enclosures in four sizes available for applications that require patching, cross-connect or splicing while using a minimum of space

SDX Adapter Plates and Splice Modules

  • Patented internal shutters on LC adapters eliminate the need for dust plugs to reduce waste and speed up deployment
  • Integrated latching tabs allow for one-handed insertion and removal from enclosures and panels
  • Splice Modules available in LC, SC, MTP; Adapter plates available in LC, SC, ST

FASTCAM™ Fiber Connectors

  • Pre-polished connectors provide precision mechanical termination of single‑mode or multimode fiber
  • Terminated on 250 μm or 900 μm buffered fiber and/or 2 or 3 mm jacketed fiber
  • No polishing or epoxy curing required

Fiber Patch Cords and Pigtails

  • Patch cord connectors have precision pre-radiused zirconia ferrules
  • Patch cord standard polarity is A-B
  • Pigtails support fusion splicing for fiber cabling systems, and are available separately or in kits for ease of installation and ordering


  • Premises Distribution Cable is a tight-buffered fiber optic cable designed for installation in plenum, riser and horizontal environments, and interbuilding backbone structures
  • Revolutionary Outdoor/Indoor ADVENTUM™ cables are designed to be used in plenum and Euroclass environments
  • Plenum cables available with ARMOR-TEK™ interlock armor for additional physical protection
  • Learn more about ADVENTUM cable »