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Leviton Welcomes a New Addition to its ADVENTUM™ Product Family

This indoor/outdoor fiber cable provides a unique B2ca Unitube solution and is manufactured in Leviton’s Carbon Neutral Facility

Bothell, WA, June 18, 2024 – Leviton Network Solutions is proud to announce the latest addition to the ADVENTUM™ fiber optic cable range, featuring a Central Dry Tube with Steel Tape Armor. Tried and tested to B2ca Euroclass standard, this new ruggedised cable offering guarantees superior fire resistance, market leading performance, and a solid return on infrastructure investment.

Boasting the water-blocking advantages of ADVENTUM gel-free technology, the incorporation of high-strength, corrugated Steel Tape Armor provides exceptional defense against external factors, whether it be mechanical impact, rodent damage, or environmental elements. This translates to a fiber cable which can be deployed across multiple environments, from enterprise to large-scale campuses. Plus, it is available in 2- to 24-count fiber constructions, with single-mode and OM3, OM4, and OM5 multimode fibers for use in indoor/outdoor installations.

Building on over two decades of success in the North American market with ADVENTUM, this innovation only furthers the now global ADVENTUM advantage in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Aside from the robust protection this cable offers, the gel-free technology allows for simpler, cleaner installations, terminated in half the time with up to 25% less material and labor costs. The introduction of steel tape armor on a B2ca rated cable also removes the need for a transition point between indoor and outdoor applications, providing further labor and material savings. Not only that, but these cables are made with Sustainability at heart, manufactured using 100% renewable energy in their UK-based, PAS2060 carbon-neutral facility.

“ADVENTUM is Leviton’s solution for true universal, high fire performance cabling, combining all the mechanical and environmental features of a traditional loose tube cable, with the added benefit of being gel-free,” said Michael Lawrence, Product Manager at Leviton Network Solutions Europe. “Building on the success of last year’s Central Dry Tube and Multi Dry Tube launches, this latest addition to the ADVENTUM family is a versatile, armored indoor/outdoor fiber cable, featuring all the ADVENTUM advantages, making it the ideal solution for all network requirements.”

For more information, visit leviton.com/adventum.


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