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Structured Media™ Centers for Wireless Networks

Plastic Enclosures

Wireless SMCs

Versatile enclosures for full wireless signal reach

Leviton Wireless Structured Media Centers create the ideal central distribution point to manage both wireless and wired residential networks. They support a wide range of building types and floor plans, and offer features for easy installation, greater capacity, and better thermal management.

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Build Your Own: Structured Media™ Center

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Wireless SMCs videos

Wireless SMCs for the Connected Home
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Installing the Cable Routing Ring in an SMC
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Vented Hinged Door Features and Methods for a Wireless SMC
Installing the Vented Cover on a Wireless SMC
Removing the Vented Cover from a Wireless SMC
Installing a Wireless SMC into an Existing Wall
Replacing Metal Door with a Plastic Vented Hinged Door on an SMC
Replacing Metal Door with a Plastic Vented Door on an SMC
Create More Capacity in a Metal SMC with a Vented Hinged Door