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Connected Home Videos

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Connected Home Videos

Wireless SMCs videos

Wireless SMCs for the Connected Home
Advantages of the Wireless SMC
Wireless SMC Installation and Rough-In
Installing the J-Box Surge Protective Kit
Assembling and Installing the Trim Ring on an SMC
Installing the Leviton Saddle Tie Kit in an SMC
Installing and Joining Two Wireless SMCs for a Multibay System
Installing the Plastic Universal Shelf Bracket in an SMC
Installing the Cable Routing Ring in an SMC
Installing the Hinged Vented Door on a Wireless SMC
Vented Hinged Door Features and Methods for a Wireless SMC
Installing the Vented Cover on a Wireless SMC
Removing the Vented Cover from a Wireless SMC
Installing a Wireless SMC into an Existing Wall
Replacing Metal Door with a Plastic Vented Hinged Door on an SMC
Replacing Metal Door with a Plastic Vented Door on an SMC
Create More Capacity in a Metal SMC with a Vented Hinged Door

Metal SMCs videos

Complete Rough in of the Leviton SMC
Installing 47693-16P - 1x16 Premium CATV Module
Installing Low Voltage Cable in the Leviton SMC
Preparing Coaxial Cable
Installing Comcast Triple Play Router
Installing 47605-42S Premium Hinged Door
Installing 47612-UBK Universal Shelf Bracket into the SMC
Installing Telephone Line Distribution Module into Leviton SMC
Installing 24-Port Cat 6 Twist & Mount Panel into the Leviton Structured Media Panel
Installing Cat 6 Module into the Leviton SMC
Installing Dual AC Power & Surge Protection Module into the Leviton SMC
Installing Cable into a Leviton SMC
Mounting a Leviton SMC into Studs