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Shuttered LC Cassettes

Improved Performance, Quality, and Safety

The most common cause of fiber system failures is contamination. One particle of debris interfering with the fiber core of a connection can cause increased insertion loss, back reflection, and even damage the connector or high cost equipment. That's why Leviton offers internal shutters on its LC fiber cassettes and adapters.

Not only do these IP5x-rated solutions help prevent contamination from dust, they reduce waste and speed deployment by eliminating the need for dust plugs and ensure safer installation by protecting from laser light.

The shuttered LC ports are available in:

  • HDX cassettes, adapter plates, and splice modules
  • e2XHD cassetttes
  • SDX Molded Splice Modules and Shuttered LC Adapter Plates
  • QUICKPORT™ duplex adapters

The U.S.-made, TAA-compliant shuttered adapters are made with high-quality zirconia ceramic sleeves, and have been tested to ensure a secure ferrule mating when connected up to 1,000 times.