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SDX Adapter Plates

SDX Adapter Plates

Precision Molded Adapter Plates

  • Up to 72 LC fibers per RU
  • Available in SC, LC, ST, and blank styles
  • Made of durable polycarbonate material
  • Works with all SDX rack-mount and wall-mount enclosures and VERTIGO™ SDX panels
  • Zirconia ceramic sleeves for optimal performance in 1 Gbps or higher transmission speeds
  • Integrated couplers eliminate "rattle" and loose fit
  • Exceeds optical performance standards and meets all other applicable standards

Metal Adapter Plates

  • Available in ST, LC, and MPO and QUICKPORT™ styles
  • Patented internal shutters on SDX Shuttered LC Adapter Plates eliminate the need for dust plugs to reduce waste, speed up deployment, and ensure safer installations
  • Integrated latching tabs on SDX Shuttered LC Adapter Plates allow for one-handed installation and removal from SDX enclosures and panels
  • Meets all applicable standards