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RDT Cat 6A UTP Cable

RDT Cat 6A UTP Cable

Small OD Cat 6A Performance

RDT Cat 6A UTP cables feature a reduced outside diameter and deliver performance margins above the Cat 6A standard, making them ideal for cable upgrades, retrofit applications, or areas where space is at a premium.

  • The industry's smallest Cat 6A cable
  • Cable construction eliminates the cross-filler, increasing speed of installation and reducing jobsite waste
  • Precision Twist Technology introduces controlled variation into the manufacturing twist operation for greater headroom performance
  • Isolation wrap provides optimal heat management for high-PoE deployment
  • Plenum cable jackets include Leviton's FLX-1™ advanced polymer technology for greater flexibility and easier routing through cable pathways.

RDT cable is part of two Leviton Cat 6A end-to-end systems: the ATLAS-X1™ RDT System, which includes the high-performance ATLAS-X1 jack, and the EXTREME™ RDT System, with the economical EXTREME jack. For more information about these systems, please contact your local sales representative.