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Leviton Announces Category 6A LM-RDT Cable Expansion

Leviton launches two new, innovative Cat 6A cables in the LM-RDT product line

Bothell, WA, January 19, 2023 – Leviton announced the expansion of the industry’s smallest diameter product line of Cat 6A cables. These two new cables, the LM-RDT CMR and LM-RDT I/O, round out the LM-RDT product line in conjunction with the previously launched LM-RDT CMP cable. The innovative RDT product line can now be used in all enterprise environments including plenum, riser, and indoor/outdoor applications. The new LM-RDT CMR and LM-RDT I/O cables not only offer very small outside diameters, but also offer enhanced margin guarantees beyond standard, including 8 dB for alien crosstalk performance to ensure robust 10G network performance.

The LM-RDT family of cables uses Precision Twist Technology which meticulously controls the twist rate of each pair, enabling outstanding transmission performance for alien crosstalk and cable balance in a very small diameter cable. This technology was developed based on more than 60 years of cable design experience and the manufacture of billions of feet of cable.

"Leviton's expansion of the LM-RDT family allows our customers to get an excellent return on infrastructure investment," said Todd Harpel, Senior Director of Global Copper Cable, Leviton Network Solutions. "These cables reduce the size and cost of cabling pathways, reduce jobsite waste with a no-spline design, and accelerate deployments with Leviton’s flexible cable jacket technology. This makes them easier to pull, route, and terminate for smoother installations."

The LM-RDT family expansion includes two new cables:

  • LM-RDT CMR: An industry-first Cat 6A UTP CMR without a spline, for customers who need high-density Cat 6A solutions that can fit into limited or exiting pathways and spaces originally designed for Cat 5e or Cat 6. It features a 0.245” outer diameter, compared to the industry’s typical 0.260” cable diameter.
  • LM-RDT I/O: Dual-rated for CMP and CMX outdoor applications. This cable includes the award-winning FLX-1™ technology which reduces recoil and enhances cable flexibility for the best indoor/outdoor cable installation experience in the industry. This jacket technology has been rigorously tested in Leviton’s Systems Verification Lab to withstand water, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. It features a 0.235” outer diameter, compared to the industry’s typical 0.270” cable diameter for this cable type.

Both LM-RDT CMR and LM-RDT I/O cable are now available through Leviton’s extensive distribution network. To learn more, visit leviton.com/RDT.


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