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FLX-1 Technology

FLX-1 Technology

Enhanced Flexibility – Smoother Cable Pulls – Simpler Installations

When pulling network cable, installers and integrators must often deal with cable memory, where the cable takes the form of the reels or boxes it was packaged in. This “recoil” can make the cable more difficult to pull and install.

To help installers, Leviton engineers developed FLX-1, an advanced polymer technology built into the cable jacket of select Berk-Tek plenum cables that improves flexibility, making cables easier to bend, less likely to kink, and less susceptible to installation stress. FLX-1 is available with LANMARK™-SST Cat 6A UTP Cable, reduced diameter LM-RDT™ Cat 6A UTP Cable, and LANMARK™-1000 Cat 6 UTP Cable.

Benefits of FLX-1:

  • Improved flexibility eases cable routing through tight pathways
  • Virtually zero recoil during payout leads to less kinking
  • Simpler and smoother installations improve job site productivity
  • Reduces visible stress marks on the cable jacket after tight bends during installation