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Leviton Introduces FLX-1™ Technology for Popular Berk-Tek Cables

Leviton Introduces FLX-1™ Technology for Popular Berk-Tek Cables

Bothell, WA, May 3, 2022 — Leviton announced today that its FLX-1 advanced polymer technology is now available on select Berk-Tek plenum Cat 6A and Cat 6 cables. The new FLX-1 technology — built into the cable jacket — greatly improves the flexibility of the cable so it is easier to bend, less likely to kink, and leads to simple installations.

When pulling network cable, installers and integrators must often deal with cable memory, where the cable takes the form of the reels or boxes it was packaged in. This "recoil" can make the cable more difficult to pull and install. FLX-1 virtually eliminates cable memory for smoother cable pulls.

"By improving cable flexibility, FLX-1 technology makes installation simpler and smoother, maximizing productivity on the job site," said Mike Good, copper cable product manager for Berk-Tek, a Leviton Company. "FLX-1 eliminates cable recoil and reduces visible stress marks on the cable jacket after tight bends during installation."

The FLX-1 technology is currently available with the following Berk-Tek cables:

  • LANmark™-SST Cat 6A UTP Plenum Cable
  • LM-RDTTM Cat 6A UTP Plenum Cable
  • LANmark-1000 Cat 6 UTP Plenum Cable

In January 2022, Leviton introduced LM-RDT Cat 6A Cable with FLX-1 Technology. LM-RDT cable also includes Leviton's Precision Twist Technology, which precisely controls the cable's twist for Cat 6A performance in a much smaller form factor. Both proprietary technologies are only available through Leviton.

Berk-Tek copper cables with FLX-1 technology are available today through Leviton's extensive distribution network. Learn more at Leviton.com/FLX-1.


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