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Z-Wave – Smart Home Dimmers, Switches & Plug-Ins

Smart Home Lighting Solutions by Decora Smart™

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Decora Smart Z-Wave Devices

Z-Wave is the most versatile option for smart home technology solutions. With a wide compatible range of smart home products, Z-Wave embodies variety that gives the tenant or homeowner a large community of partners. This allows you the absolute freedom to tailor your smart home solution to your own specification.


Z-Wave – Meet the Family

Wireless light switches, dimmers, fan speed controllers, receptacles, and plug-load controls from the industry expert. Control front porch lights, table lamps, fans, and small appliances.

Z-Wave Devices
Z-Wave Security

Have a DIY Hub or Smart Security?

Add Leviton lighting to a wide variety of hubs including Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and even your Z-Wave enabled smart security system.  Build a strong mesh network using Leviton devices, creating a complete smart home.

App + Voice Control

Hubs let you use one app to control lights, plug loads, and third-party products. Most of them let you use voice controls to say, “Turn all lights off” at the end of the night.

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See which Z-Wave products can enhance your home and lifestyle.

A hub brings you diversity, communicate with all the players.


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