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Submeter, Embedded Branch Circuit Monitor, 48 Inputs, No LCD Display, No Enclosure


Series 7000 Dual Voltage, Embedded Panel Mount (no enclosure) Branch Circuit Monitor, 48 inputs, no display, SUBMETER ONLY.

The VerifEye™ Series 7000 and 7100 Advanced Branch Circuit Monitor is a cost-effective solution for electrical load management. The Series 7000 and 7100 submetering platform is ideal for high density, branch circuit monitoring applications in both new construction and retrofit applications. The Series 7000 and 7100 monitors up to 48 branch circuits with one single meter board.

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UPC Code: 078477969922
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Electrical Specifications

    Amperage : 5 A - 4000 A

    Voltage : 90-600 VAC

  • Product Features

    CTs Included : No Meter Only

    Communication : ModBus/RTU, ModBus/TCP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP

    Enclosure : Indoor

    Grade : Revenue

    Meter Configuration : Branch Circuit Monitor

    Product Line : Series 7000

    Product Type : Electric Submeter

  • 48 independent, user-defined inputs
  • 2 independent sets of reference voltage inputs allow for simultaneous monitoring of multiple systems
  • Line powered from 90-600V, phase-to-phase
  • Meets ANSI & IEC metering system accuracy requirements including branch CTs
  • Supports solid core, split core and Rogowski Coil CTs
  • Meter board features:
    • Easy access terminals for CT wiring, removable connectors
    • Available with or without display embedded options
  • Reports volts, amps, power, demand and energy for each circuit—each Series 7000 covers a complete   42 breaker panelboard plus mains for a total of 48 circuits
  • Provides multi-phase totals for loads with any combination of 1-, 2-, and 3-pole breaker positions
  • User-configurable alarm thresholds register for improved load management
  • Selectable phase orientation and number of circuits
  • Limited 5-year warranty

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