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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Intelligent devices and IoT are reshaping every area of the enterprise, from workstations to remote corners of a facility. Take a closer look at some of the specific applications driving network demand, including smart lighting, wireless, healthy building technologies, AV, and more.


Connectivity at workstations require a finished look, ease of maintenance, and performance, all while meeting installation codes and guidelines. Added smart building technologies in these areas include networked occupancy sensors, lighting, temperature controls, and security access — all adding to greater bandwidth requirements. Simplify work area network design, installation, and maintenance with a zone cabling architecture and Leviton solutions.

In Building Wireless

With the rise of IoT, bring-your-own-device policies, and data demands that go beyond gigabit speeds, CIOs and IT managers are updating wireless access points with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). Wi-Fi 6 supports upwards of 10 Gb/s of data and may require higher PoE at 60-90 watts. For best performance, industry standards recommend a Category 6A system to support higher data rates and increased power. Leviton delivers the bandwidth you need to support any wireless network while simplifying future upgrades.

Learn more about Leviton infrastructure for wireless networks.


Integrating your physical security infrastructure with your IP network results in reduced installation and materials costs, simplifies future moves, adds and changes, and streamlines your supply chain. Leviton category-rated systems ensure always-on security performance for applications like access controls, security cameras, smoke alarm systems, and our Network Channel Extenders supply power and data to security devices in remote locations both inside and outside the building.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems offers a host of cost savings and building management benefits — with the potential to reduce energy use by up to 30%. Smart lighting does not typically require high bandwidth but does often require higher power, and Leviton PoE-optimized systems are designed and tested to support high PoE requirements of next-gen smart lighting systems.

Healthy Buildings

Healthy building technology has become an integral part of today’s smart building initiatives. These networked applications include air quality, temperature controls, intelligent lighting, occupancy management and touchless control systems that protect and enhance the health and safety of building occupants.

To simplify management and alleviate network stress in smart buildings, Leviton recommends that infrastructure for healthy building applications become physically separated in telecommunications rooms or closets from core LAN applications. Learn more about the uLAN for healthy buildings.

Fiber Backbone

As bandwidth requirements continue to grow, your fiber backbone needs to be strong enough to support the increased traffic and multiple tech refreshes. Whether deploying an interconnect or cross-connect channel, rely on Leviton fiber components for optimal performance from the equipment room to the telecom room. Our OM4 system can transmit 10 Gb/s out to 550 meters, 150 meters farther than standard OM4.


From the classroom to the conference room, our solutions help low-voltage BICSI RCDD contractors be the IT/AV experts for their customers — with easy-to-install, standards-based HDBaseT™ systems that use category-rated cabling and network extenders.