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The premier global Cat 6A UTP structured cabling system features ATLAS-X1 jacks and SST cable. It is ideal for mission critical applications where superior 10GBASE-T performance is required. MILLENNIUM Systems are global solutions available everywhere.

Recommended for:

  • 10GBASE-T network applications and mission-critical systems
  • Data center applications including computer clusters, end-of-row architectures, and energy efficient Ethernet systems
  • Optimal Return on Infrastructure Investment for financial, health care, government, transportation, and education environments
  • Applications requiring PoE support up to 100 watts
  • High-density cabling and constrained pathway environments
  • Any IP-based system utilizing UTP cabling
  • Wireless applications supporting IEEE 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6/6E and in-building 5G deployments
  • Advanced audiovisual system installations
  • Intelligent Building applications optimizing environmental sustainability
  • Global enterprises that want high performing 6A systems everywhere

The ATLAS-X1 SST MILLENNIUM Cat 6A system exceeds ISO/IEC and TIA Cat 6A requirements for channel, permanent link, and component requirements. It has been third-party verified for error-free performance up to 10 GbE with full duplex transmission up to 500 MHz, and internally tested to exceed PoE performance standards up to 100 watts.

The system is backwards compatible with Cat 6 and Cat 5e system requirements, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty when installed by a Leviton certified Installer.

ATLAS-X1™ Cat 6A Component-Rated QUICKPORT™ Jacks

  • Solid metal body for unparalleled durability in a UTP jack and 53% better heat dissipation than plastic
  • Innovative wire manager supports quick, repeatable, tool-free terminations
  • Patented Retention Force Technology and PoE-optimized tine geometry protect against damage
  • Jacks include matching color icons for easy identification

Modular and Cat 6A 110-Style Patch Panels

  • Simple termination and improved cable routing combine with strength and durability
  • QUICKPORT modular panels include high-density options, cable management bars and write-on port blocks
  • 110-style patch panels are component-rated for Cat 6A performance and specially designed for easier, faster terminations


Cat 6A High-Flex and Standard Patch Cords

  • Innovative compact plug and boot design to provide better flexibility, durability, and bend radius.
  • Shielded plug provides proper grounding and the ability to use the cord in both shielded and UTP applications
  • Small OD High-Flex Patch Cords offer flexible, high-density patching


SST Cat 6A UTP Cable

  • Unmatched performance in signal isolation, high PoE, and alien crosstalk suppression
  • Insulated isolation wrap provides superior heat management and noise-cancelling performance, preventing electrical energy from running along the shield and eliminating the need for grounding