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Retention Force Technology

Retention Force Technology

Improving Network Longevity in a 10G, PoE, VoIP, Smart Building World

Retention Force Technology (RFT) is a unique polymer spring that supports jack tines and increases their resistance to strain and damage. This extends the life of jacks and increases overall system longevity. RFT is used in ATLAS-X1™ and EXTREME™ jacks and select patch panels.

When a 4- or 6-pin plug or probe is inserted into any Leviton jack or patch panel featuring RFT, the spring returns tines to their pre-stress location and protects against long-term damage. Because insertion of 4- or 6-pin plugs into 8-pin connectors is common, we plan, design, build, and test for this real-world occurrence. This saves on costly repairs, as damaged jacks can cost an estimated $150 per replacement jack.

In PoE applications, RFT maintains constant contact force at the connector and plug interface, preventing inadvertent intermittent disconnects and protecting the contact point from electrical arcing damage.

Benefits of RFT

  • Unequalled durability and system reliability, extending the life of your network
  • Ensures high performance over the life of the system
  • Mechanical and electrical excellence to ensure network performance
  • Reduced tine contact failure caused by stress, fatigue, or foreign object insertion
  • Saves on costly repairs and reduces service calls
  • Protects against tine damage from 4- or 6-pin plugs, common on testers with 6-position plugs
  • For Power over Ethernet (PoE), RFT maintains contact force between plug and jack, preventing electrical arcing damage and intermittent disconnects
  • Available on all Leviton ATLAS-X1 and EXTREME jacks and select patch panels