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Premium Copper System

Ideal for Mission-Critical Applications

Data centers | Laboratories | Universities | Hospitals | Industrial | Finance

ATLAS-X1 delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability, and is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T. The system offers simple tool-free terminations, and uses the same termination method from Cat 5e to Cat 8. Innovative ATLAS‑X1 jacks feature interchangeable icons and internal shutters for protection.

ATLAS-X1™ Shielded Systems

The Leviton ATLAS-X1 shielded solution delivers premium-level performance and unmatched flexibility in a shielded system. With the option of selecting shielded components across Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6A, the ATLAS-X1 system is ideal for government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, gaming, or any mission-critical environment where EMI/RFI may be a concern.

ATLAS-X1™ UTP Systems

The Leviton ATLAS-X1 solution is the premier category-rated system, and includes Leviton's revolutionary ATLAS-X1 jack platform. This innovative system delivers the highest level of component-rated performance, supports tool-free termination is, and will seamlessly adapt to future network trends across any mission-critical application.


ATLAS-X1™ Connector Overview
ATLAS-X1™ Descripcion General
ATLAS-X1™ Connector: Industry-Leading Performance
ATLAS-X1™ Desempeño líder en la industria
ATLAS-X1™ Connector: Tool-Free Termination
ATLAS-X1™ Terminacion sin herramientas
ATLAS-X1™ Connector: Exceptional Versatility
ATLAS-X1™ Versatilidad Excepcional
ATLAS-X1™ Connector: Built for the Future
ATLAS-X1™ Construido para el Futuro
ATLAS-X1™ Connector Integrity for Power over Ethernet
Leviton™ Shielded Solutions
ATLAS-X1™ Shielded Connector Termination