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The ATLAS-X1 FDT Category 6A shielded system is a secure, structured cabling system designed for 10GBASE-T applications. It is ideal for environments where electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) may be present.

Recommended for:

  • 10GBASE-T network applications and mission-critical systems 
  • Optimal total cost of ownership for financial, health care, government, transportation, and education environments
  • Space-constrained retrofits and upgrades Network applications with EMI/RFI
  • Networks with high bandwidth utilization requirements
  • Applications where ensuring data security and integrity is critical
  • Applications requiring PoE support up to 100 watts
  • AV systems for high-end conference rooms and classrooms
  • Wireless applications supporting IEEE 802.11ac/Wi-Fi 5 and higher

ATLAS-X1™ FDT MILLENNIUM Cat 6A shielded systems are intended for 10Gbps high-density environments where pathway space is limited. Ideal for applications that require Cat 6A performance with enhanced data security and integrity. 

The system is backwards compatible with Cat 6 and Cat 5e system requirements and comes with a limited lifetime warranty when installed by a Leviton certified Installer.

ATLAS-X1™ Cat 6A Shielded QUICKPORT™ Jacks

  • Provide superior alien crosstalk (AXT) suppression and protects critical data from potential EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference)
  • Solid metal body dissipates 53% more heat than plastic, minimizing damage from excess heat in PoE applications
  • Third-party tested and verified to exceed performance requirements
  • Patented Retention Force Technology protects against tine damage and maintains contact force between plug and jack, preventing arcing from intermittent disconnects in PoE applications


Patch Panels

  • Shielded QUICKPORT patch panels accept all QUICKPORT-style shielded connectors
  • Shielded QUICKPORT patch panels are available in an angled design that allows for cords to easily route directly into vertical managers
  • E2XHD panels allow a mix-and-match of Leviton UTP, shielded, or fiber snap-in cassettes
  • The e2XHD cassettes quickly snap in and pull out of the high-density panels, making installations, moves, adds, and changes easier than ever
  • Copper jacks easily snap into e2XHD cassettes after termination



Cat 6A High-Flex and Standard Patch Cords

  • Innovative compact plug and boot design to provide better flexibility, durability, and bend radius.
  • Shielded plug provides proper grounding and the ability to use the cord in both shielded and UTP applications
  • Small OD High-Flex Patch Cords offer flexible, high-density patching


FDT Cat 6A F/UTP Cable

  •  Reduced Diameter Technology Cat 6A F/UTP cable that exceeds Cat 6A Alien CrossTalk (AXT) requirements
  • Next generation fillerless design increases speed of installation and reduces jobsite waste
  • Shielded construction provides optimal heat management for hi-PoE deployment
  • Recommended for ultra-high-density applications with data security requirements or high levels of external noise such as those found in government, military, healthcare, finance, or manufacturing
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