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Mini Meter MMU 20 X 200A XL with Integrated HDPM


Mini Meter MMU - XL Enclosure, 20 Meters with Integrated HDPM

VerifEye™ Mini Meter™ Configured Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) are designed for multi-tenant submetering applications in which multiple single phase (120/240V 1PH 3W and 120/208V 2PH 3W) loads are fed from the same power distribution panel to be metered.

Each VerifEye Mini Meter installed in an MMU is a revenue-grade*, ANSI C12.20-compliant energy meter that is backed by Leviton’s best in the industry 5-year warranty. Mini Meter MMUs are NEMA 4X rated and UL Listed, suitable for either indoor or outdoor installations. Each Mini Meter has built-in pulse outputs for connection to a High Density Pulse Module, Wireless AMR Transceiver, or a Data Acquisition Server with pulse inputs.

UPC Code: 078477324127
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Product Type : Electric Submeter

    Meter Configuration : Multiple Meter Unit

    Product Line : Mini Meter MMU

    Configuration : 20 MMU

    Size : Extra-Large

  • Suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications, Mini Meter (kWh) MMUs are available in 3 sizes:
    • Medium: Houses 2 to 4 Mini Meters
    • Large: Houses 5 to 8 Mini Meters
    • Extra-Large: Houses 9 to 20 Mini Meters
  • Clear door allowing visibility to meter LCD
  • All wiring is done behind the front panel
  • No custom configuration form required
  • Basic panels are pre-configured with the following options:
    • Terminals only for meter pulse outputs
    • Integrated A8911 High Density Pulse Module (HDPM)
    • Integrated R9120 Modhopper Wireless Transceiver (MH)
    • Integrated A8810/A7810 Data Acquisition Server (DAS)