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28" Wireless Structured Media Enclosure with Vented Cover, Plastic, White


Structured Media Centers provide an excellent termination and mounting location for in-home structured wiring systems and components. The 28-inch Wireless Structured Media Center allows the full reach of a wireless network, as opposed to standard metal enclosures that can limit the range of a wireless signal.

UPC Code: 078477977699
Country of Origin : United States
RoHS Compliant: Yes – Click Here

Product Information

  • Uses ABS polymer construction to permit the full reach of wireless signals by diminishing the effect of interference
  • 180-degree hinged cover allows for quick and easy access to network equipment
  • Makes servicing and expansion easy with seven 1-inch and three 2-inch knockouts and additional 1-inch nested knockouts
  • Compatible with Leviton Connected Home patch panels, voice, data, video, and audio distribution modules
  • Assures safety with UL compliant ABS flame-retardant polymer
  • Vented door assists in airflow for cooling active gear
  • Ratcheting Hinge & Latch System creates fast, tool-free door installations and helps accommodate for wall imperfections
  • Existing metal enclosure can be retrofitted for RF transparency by using Trim Ring Accessory (49605-28T) and door (49605-28S)
  • Optional door locks available

  • US11038328
  • US11670927

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