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Discontinued Products - LevNet RF, Decora Advanced RF Wall Switch Receiver, Non-Neutral, Enabled by EnOcean®, Title 24 compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

UPC Code: 07847752579
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • No New Wiring Required: the RF Wall Switch Receiver simply replaces the existing light switch and then communicates with self-powered switches and sensors via radio frequency.
  • Manual ON/OFF Switching: provides pushbutton manual-ON/OFF light switching of each light load at any time.
  • Maximize Energy Savings: when paired with RF PIR Occupancy Sensor, RF Wall Switch contains all sensor settings. Manual-ON/Auto-ON, Auto-ON/Auto-OFF, Walk Through Timer, Auto Time-Out selections of 2 minutes for testing, 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Allows flexibility and customized adjustments to maximize energy savings.
  • Presentation/Viewing Mode: turn lights OFF and keep them OFF while room is occupied (i.e.: for slide or film presentations) automatically returns to normal when manually switched back ON or room becomes vacant and time delay expires.
  • Walk-Thru Feature: maximizes energy savings by assuring a 2.5 minute time-out if motion is not present after 2 minutes in Auto-ON mode.
  • Standard Size for Seamless Installation: RF Wall Switch Receiver fits in a standard singlegang wall box. Neutral and non-neutral models available.
  • True Zero-Cross Relay: switches at the zero crossing point of the AC power curve to ensure maximum contactor life and compatibility with electronic ballasts.
  • All Digital Circuitry: uses minimum components for maximum reliability and low cost.
  • Energy Savings and Efficiency: lowest power consumption of any RF device - less than 1/2W per 120V device and less than 3/4W per 277V device annually - approximately 70% savings over other RF devices.
  • Air Gap Switch: assures A/C power disconnects for safety (WSS10-G).
  • Color Change Kits: (white, ivory and light almond) included for design flexibility, ease of ordering, inventory and cost control.
  • 10A load rating: for commercial lighting circuits.
  • EnOcean technology enabled for RF communication from Self-Powered Lighting Controls. Advanced version is compatible with other EnOcean-enabled Transmitter Switches and Occupancy Sensors.
  • H.I.S (High In-Rush Stability): arching design for use with all commercial ballasts.
  • Retrofit Energy Saving Bi-level Lighting with Occupancy Sensor Control: replace two light switches with RF Wall Switch Receivers, pair both with Self-Powered RF PIR Sensor, set the first RF Wall Switch as Auto-ON and the Second as Auto-OFF.

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