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Discontinued Product. LevNet RF, Wall Switch Receiver, Light Almond, Enabled by EnOcean®, Title 24 compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

The Leviton line of wireless wall switch receivers (WSS10-0DX and WSS10-GDX) work in conjunction with the wireless occupancy sensors (WSXX-I0W) and the wireless remote switch (WSS0S-P0X) to provide an optimal solution for retrofit lighting needs. These wireless products combine Leviton’s switching technology with self-powered and wireless technologies, developed and licensed from EnOcean. The wall switch receiver can be installed in place of traditional single-pole wall switches and fits in a standard single-gang wall box. No additional wiring is required. These components are compatible with incandescent, fluorescent and low-voltage lighting. The receiver responds to signals from the wireless occupancy sensor, automatically shutting off lights when the room is vacant. Lights are automatically activated upon entry in auto-on mode with the wireless occupancy sensor. The receiver also features a single manual-override switch that can be used to toggle the on/off status of the light load while an area is occupied. The wireless remote switch is self-powered (no batteries required), drawing on kinetic energy to charge itself each time the button is pushed. The remote switch can be used to control lights from multiple locations. It can also be used for a convenient three-way switch solution, eliminating the need to pull additional wiring. Wireless wall switch receiver, light almond. Wall plate not included for Wireless Wall Switches. Wireless receivers and transmitters sold separately.
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Product Information

  • No New Wiring Required: the RF Wall Switch Receiver simply replaces the existing light switch and then communicates with self-powered switches and sensors via radio frequency.
  • Manual ON/OFF Switching: provides pushbutton manual-ON/OFF light switching of each light load at any time.
  • Maximize Energy Savings: when paired with RF PIR Occupancy Sensor, RF Wall Switch contains all sensor settings. Manual-ON/Auto-ON, Auto-ON/Auto-OFF, Walk Through Timer, Auto Time-Out selections of 2 minutes for testing, 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Allows flexibility and customized adjustments to maximize energy savings.
  • Presentation/Viewing Mode: turn lights OFF and keep them OFF while room is occupied (i.e.: for slide or film presentations) automatically returns to normal when manually switched back ON or room becomes vacant and time delay expires.
  • Walk-Thru Feature: maximizes energy savings by assuring a 2.5 minute time-out if motion is not present after 2 minutes in Auto-ON mode.
  • Standard Size for Seamless Installation: RF Wall Switch Receiver fits in a standard singlegang wall box. Neutral and non-neutral models available.
  • True Zero-Cross Relay: switches at the zero crossing point of the AC power curve to ensure maximum contactor life and compatibility with electronic ballasts.
  • All Digital Circuitry: uses minimum components for maximum reliability and low cost.
  • Energy Savings and Efficiency: lowest power consumption of any RF device - less than 1/2W per 120V device and less than 3/4W per 277V device annually - approximately 70% savings over other RF devices.
  • Air Gap Switch: assures A/C power disconnects for safety (WSS10-G).
  • Color Change Kits: (white, ivory and light almond) included for design flexibility, ease of ordering, inventory and cost control.
  • 10A load rating: for commercial lighting circuits.
  • EnOcean technology enabled for RF communication from Self-Powered Lighting Controls. Advanced version is compatible with other EnOcean-enabled Transmitter Switches and Occupancy Sensors.
  • H.I.S (High In-Rush Stability): arching design for use with all commercial ballasts.
  • Retrofit Energy Saving Bi-level Lighting with Occupancy Sensor Control: replace two light switches with RF Wall Switch Receivers, pair both with Self-Powered RF PIR Sensor, set the first RF Wall Switch as Auto-ON and the Second as Auto-OFF.

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