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Occupancy Sensor, PIR, 3x3 Wall Switch, 707SF, 220-240V, White


Technology: Passive Infrared, Product Line: PRR11, Form Factor: 3x3, Coverage (Sq.Ft.): 707 Sq. Ft., Switch Type: Push Button, Adjustment: Ambient Light Hold Off adjustable 1-50FC, Voltage: 220-240VAC, Time Delay: 8s-30m, Neutral Wire Connection: Required, Color: White, Warranty: 5-Year Limited

The Cat. No. PRR11 is a self-contained occupancy sensor. It uses Passive Infrared (PIR) detection technology to monitor a room for occupancy through a segmented Fresnel lens. This specialized lens divides the field-of-view into sensor zones. When a person passes into or out of a sensor zone, the sensor detects motion and automatically turns the lights ON during occupancy, maintains lights-ON and, after the time delay expires, turns the lights OFF when the space is vacant.

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Color: White

UPC Code: 078477370483
Country of Origin : China

Product Information

  • Warranty

    Warranty : 5-Year Limited

  • Performance Specifications

    Foot Candle Level : 1-50FC (10-500 lux) (Adjustable)

  • Type

    Product Type : Occupancy Sensor

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Form Factor : 3x3

    Mounting Type : Wall Switch

  • Environmental Specifications

    Storage Temperature Range : 50° to 185°F (10° to 85°C)

  • Electrical Specifications

    Frequency : 50Hz

    Load Rating : 2.5 A

    Voltage : 220/230/240 VAC

  • Product Features

    Application : Conference rooms, Small offices, Classrooms, Hallways, Storage Areas, Any location with automatic lighting controls

    Color : White

    Grade : Commercial

    Mounting : Wall Switch

    Mounting Height (Ft.) : 3.6 to 5 FT (1.1m to 1.5m)

    Product Line : PRR11

    Sensor Technology : Passive Infrared (PIR)

    Sensor Type : Occupancy

    Time Delay : 8s-30m

  • Adjustable Time Delay - 8 seconds - 30 minutes.
  • Pushbutton manual override allows controls to be used like standard ON/OFF switches.
  • Manual-ON or manual-OFF settings for 4 hours, then it will automatically change into auto ON/OFF mode.
  • ON/OFF latch: When the ON/OFF latch is ON, the ON/OFF push pad is available; When the ON/OFF latch is OFF, the ON/OFF push pad is unavailable.
  • Delayed-OFF time automatically resets when the sensor detects motion.
  • Buzzer alarm: activated automatically when the selected Delayed-OFF time is more than 3 minutes.
  • Detects motion within in a maximum of 707 SF and controls the connected lighting.
  • The sensor uses a Fresnel lens to detect heat across zones to trigger the sensor.
  • Ambient light hold OFF (10-500 lux)
  • Made of durable, high impact thermoplastic.