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Occupancy Sensor, PIR, Wall Switch, 2100SF, 120-277V, White, Made in USA with globally sourced components, Self-Adaptive, Decora®



Occupancy Sensor, PIR wall switch. 4000VA 15A Single Relay, Time Delay 30s-30m. 120/208/220/230/240/277VAC; 50/60Hz. 180 Degree Field of View and Blinders, Audible warning, ManualON/OFF Override, Auto Adapting, CEC Title 20/24 compliant. Made in USA with globally sourced components. Color: White 

Color: White

UPC Code: 078477508855
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Fits in standard wallbox and replaces single-pole wall switch; ground connection required. Gangable with other units.
  • Low-profile design eliminates obtrusive “scanning-device” look. Elegant Decora wallplates comple-ment any interior for sleek aesthetics; uses Decora wallplates and coordinates with Leviton’s popular line of Decora wiring devices.
  • 180° field-of-view provides approximately 2100 square feet of coverage suitable for small offices, conference rooms, class rooms, stock rooms, loung-es, private restrooms and a variety of commercial areas.
  • Convenient pushbutton provides manual-ON/OFF light switching at any time.
  • Two dual element PIR sensors used to widen detec-tion range.
  • Segmented Fresnel lens provides optimum sensitivity and performance. Designed with an extensive “minor motion” area where even slight body movements will be detected.
  • Vandal resistant PIR lens.
  • Horizontal field-of-view may be adjusted between 180° and 60° of arc by using integral blinders located on either side of the lens. No masking tape required.
  • Manual-ON/auto-OFF mode for installations where manual ON switching is required but auto-OFF switch-ing is still desired for CEC Title 24 energy savings.
  • To comply with Title 24, red LED indicator light flashes when PIR sensor detects motion to verify detection is active.
  • Time Delay - In adapting mode, the time delay can be configured from 30s (test mode), 5, 10, and 20 minutes. In non-adapting mode, the delay can be configured from 5, 10, 20, and 30 minutes.
  • Light Sensor adjustable Ambient Light Override ranges from approxi-mately 2Fc (20LUX) to 500+FC (5000+LUX) to prevent lights from turning ON auto-matically during periods of ample natural light, increasing energy savings.
  • Light sensor enables the load hold-OFF feature once level has been set.
  • Self-adjusting delayed-OFF time interval compen-sates for real-time occupancy patterns, preventing unnecessary ON/OFF switching.
  • Exclusive Walk-Through feature provides increased energy savings by not leaving the lights ON for an extended period after only momentary occupancy.
  • Vacancy Confirmation, when the time out expires and the relays turn OFF a 30 second vacancy con-firmation exists to turn the relays back ON.
  • False detection circuitry.
  • Presentation Mode feature for slide or film presen-tations allows pushbuttons to turn lights OFF and keep them OFF while the room is occupied.
  • Additional manual service switch provided for installer to force lights to hold-OFF or hold-ON during installation.
  • Beep Warn - unit beeps 3 times after delayed-OFF time expires, then waits 10 seconds before turning lights OFF.
  • Exclusive Levition H.I.S. Circuitry. Specifically designed to handle today’s high inrush electronic ballast loads and offer unmatched durability and service.
  • One unit can be used for 120V through 277V light-ing. Compatible with both electronic and magnetic ballasts.
  • Relay switches at the zero crossing point of the AC power curve to ensure maximum contact life and compatibility with electronic ballasts.
  • No neutral design in optional for retrofit applications.

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