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Submeter, Mini Meter, Indoor, Surface Mount, 120/208/240V, Max 200A, (2) Solid Core Current Transformers, Time of Use Wireless AMR Transceiver, Electric Meter Kit


Submeter, Mini Meter Kit, Indoor, 120/240 1PH/3W Split Phase, 120/208 2PH/3W, 200A, Includes 2 Solid Core Current Transformers (CT), Includes Time of Use (TOU**) Enabled kWh Wireless AMR Transceiver

Leviton VerifEye™ Mini Meter™ line of revenue-grade meters meet the requirements for all single phase tenant billing applications. Designed to provide a simple and effective process for accurately capturing measurements of power consumption, Mini Meters are easy to specify and install for new construction and retrofits. Integrated wireless AMR transmitters eliminate the need for running wires to each meter, dramatically simplifying installation.

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Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Application : Tenant Billing. Tenant Cost Allocation. Energy Conservation and Cost Reduction.

  • Warranty

    Warranty : 5-Year Limited

  • Electrical Specifications

    Amperage : 200 A

    Voltage : 120/240 120/208 VAC

  • Type

    CTs Included : 2 Solid Core CTs

    Communication : Pulse Output

    Enclosure : Indoor

    Meter Configuration : Single Meter

    Product Line : Mini Meters Kit

    Product Type : Submeter and Current Transformer(s)

  • Measures kWh
  • Revenue-grade—0.5% kWh meter conforms to all applicable standards of ANSI C12.2
  • Equipped standard with an Isolated Pulse Output channel for integration with automated meter reading
  • Available in indoor flush mount and surface mount enclosures with an integrated wireless transceiver for automated meter reading
  • Utilizes revenue-grade solid core CTs
  • UL/cUL Listed Energy Usage Monitor per CCN FTRZ
  • Five year warranty

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