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Energy Monitoring Hub (EMH), Submetering


Energy Monitoring Hub - Not Configured. Leviton’s most versatile data acquisition server. Ideal for collecting electric submetering data, water submetering data, gas submetering data, steam submetering data, and other energy parameters over the web. Connect up to 32 Modbus devices through RS-485 and TCP/IP, as well as 8 user selectable inputs for pulse, analog and resistive output devices. Title 24 compliant. ASHRAE 90.1 compliant.

The Energy Monitoring Hub (EMH) is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server allowing users to collect energy data from submeters and environmental sensors. Designed to connect to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response and smart grid programs, the Energy Monitoring Hub lets you connect thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage and reduce energy costs. The Energy Monitoring Hub collects and logs data from connected (wired or wireless) devices based on user selected intervals. Data from downstream devices are time stamped and stored in non-volatile memory. This interval data is stored locally until the next scheduled upload or manual download. Using an integrated modem or Ethernet (LAN) connection you can push data via HTTP or FTP and pull data via XML or any custom protocol utilizing our Energy Monitoring Hub to build your own application.

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UPC Code: 078477558058
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Push or pull submeter data to energy dashboards kiosks and software applications
  • Utility submetering (electricity submeters, gas submeters, water submeters, etc.)
  • Measurement and verification (M&V)
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Access energy information from local or remote sites
  • Benchmark building energy usage
  • View “real time” performance data
  • Track energy use and peak demand for
  • Demand Response programs
  • Monitor performance of critical systems (lighting, HVAC, PDUs, inverters, etc.)
  • Alarm notification for data points above or below target levels (including SNMP Traps)
  • Monitor renewable energy performance and production
  • Create load profiles for energy purchases
  • LEED / Energy Star certification
  • Interface with BAS systems or demand response controls

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