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Submeter, 120V, 1 Phase 2 Wire, Single Element, 100A Potted Mini Meter, 0.1 kWh resolution, kWh Electric Meter, 1 Permanently Attached Current Transformer, mechanical counter not included - sold separately



Discontinued Product. Single Element Potted Submeter Mini Meter, 1P/2W, 120V, 0.1 kWh Resolution, Mechanical Counter, 1 Permanently Attached 100:0.1A CT.

The VerifEye™ Potted Mini Meter line of revenue grade submeters come with permanently attached, highly accurate Solid Core Current Transformers (CTs) for revenue-grade performance certified to ANSI standards.
UPC Code: 078477548134
Country of Origin : United States
RoHS Compliant: Yes – Click Here

Product Information

  • Electrical Specifications

    Amperage : 100 A

    Voltage : 120 VAC 1PH 2W

  • Product Features

    CTs Included : 1 Solid Core CT

    Communication : Pulse Output

    Enclosure : No Enclosure

    Meter Configuration : Single Meter

    Product Line : Mini Meters

    Product Type : Electric Submeter

  • Measures kWh
  • Revenue grade: Conforms to all applicable standards of ANSI C12.1
  • Equipped standard with an Isolated Pulse Output channel for automated meter reading
  • Utilizes revenue grade 0.3% accuracy class 0.1A secondary solid core current transformers (CTs) that conform to all applicable ANSI requirements
  • Five year warranty

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