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Male Plug, 535 MCM


Male, Plug Contact, Crimped, 535 MCM Cable, 898 Amp Max., 1000Volt, 49 Series, Industrial Grade, Rhino-Hide Single Pole Connector - ALUMINUM

Rhino-Hide 49 Series Male and Female Connectors and Panel Receptacles are engineered to exceptional standards for high-amperage power delivery on land-based and offshore oil and gas rigs. Rhino-Hide single pole connectors and receptacles are designed to deliver up to 1,000 Volts AC or DC and up to 1,135 Amps of continuous power under the most extreme conditions with cables ranging in size from 313 MCM to 777 MCM. Designed to mate with other manufacturers’ high-amperage single pole connectors and receptacles, Rhino-Hide single pole devices can be installed on both existing silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR’s) and generator stations or on new oil and gas rig construction.

UPC Code: 078477280430
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Product Information

  • Electrical Specifications

    Max. Amperage : 898

    Max. Voltage : 1000 Volt

  • Material Specifications

    Connector Retention Ring : Anodized Aluminum

    Male Contact : Silver-Plated High Conductivity Alloy