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60 Amp Mechanical Interlock with Local Monitoring Inform™ Technology – LEV Series


60 Amp, 240 Volt 3-Phase, 3P, 4W, LEV Series North American-Rated IEC 60309-1 & 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlock with Local Monitoring Inform Technology, Industrial Grade, IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69/IP69K, Watertight, Non-Fused – Blue (240 VAC)

  • Inform technology identifies disturbances that can impact machine performance and minimize unplanned downtime by monitoring line- and load-side voltage, liquid accumulation inside the enclosure, ground continuity and welded contacts
  • Green LEDs on the cover provide a visual indication that the device is operating under normal conditions, flash red if there is a failure, or flash yellow if there is a buildup of liquid inside of the enclosure that may lead to a potential failure


If using a variable frequency drive (VFD), it must be installed between the mechanical interlock switch and the motor

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UPC Code: 078477380871
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • Warranty

    Warranty : 5-Year Limited

  • Electrical Specifications

    Amperage : 60 A

    Current Interrupting : Certified for current interrupting at full-rated current and voltage

    Dielectric Voltage : 2200V for 1 minute

    Endurance : 6,000 cycles under load

    Horsepower Rating : 20 HP

    Phase : 3-Phase

    Pole : 3

    SCCR : 100kA

    Voltage : 240 VAC

    Wire : 4

  • Environmental Specifications

    Flammability : Rated V-0 per UL 94

    Gasket Aging : 70°C for 168 hr per UL50E

    IP Rating : IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69, IP69K

    NEMA Rating : 3R, 4X, 12

    NSF : 14159-1, Hygenic Requirement for the Design of Meat & Poultry Processing Equipment

    Operating Temperature : -40°C to 75°C

    UV Resistance : UV stabilized F1 rated enclosure

  • Product Features

    Color : Blue

    Configuration : North American

    Device Type : Non-Fused Mechanical Interlock

    Feature : LED Indication

    Series : LEV Series

  • Standards & Certifications

    CSA : C22.2 No 94.1-07

    IEC Rating : IEC 60309-1, 60309-2, 60309-4

    UL : UL1682, UL1686, UL50, UL50E, UL60947-4-1, UL60947-1, UL746

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Cold Impact : 5 ft-lb impact at -31°F for 3 hrs per UL746C

    Crush Test : 100 lbs for 1 minute per surface

    Mold Stress Relief : 70°C for 7 hours without deformation

  • Material Specifications

    Contact Material : Nickel-Plated Brass

    Gasket Material : Chloroprene

    Handle Material : PBT+PC with TPE Overmold

    Housing Material : PBT+PC

    Housing Screws : 303 Stainless Steel


  • Mechanically interlocked receptacle prevents connecting or disconnecting plugs under load
  • High visibility LEDs provide visual confirmation of power being delivered to or removed from connected equipment (minimum 10 year LED lifespan)
  • Equipment ground monitoring reduces shock hazard by validating the integrity of the ground connection

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