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Discontinued Product. Sector® Bus Controller/Power Supply, 120-277V, 50/60Hz, Title 24 compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

Leviton’s SECTOR® Bus Controller (SBP00-00M) is the brain and power supply for the SECTOR® Intelligent Lighting Control System and acts as the primary controller for the ballasts and ballast controller devices.
UPC Code: 078477432853
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Product Line : Sector

    Product Type : Bus Controller

    Protocol : SectorNet

  • SectorNET Communication
  • 4800 Baud Rate
  • Error Detection with CRC
  • Polarity-free
  • Compatible with Class 1 and Class 2 Wiring
  • Controls 64 devices, 8 areas and 31 groups (double DALI)
  • Power Supply and Bus in One Box
  • Remote Configuration
  • Topology-free - the Bus Controllerconnects through daisy-chain network wiring techniques
  • Controls the Sector® Network
  • Controls Daylight Harvesting
  • Built-In Push Button CAN Terminator

  • US8312347

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