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GreenMAX Latching Relay, 1-Pole basic with Metering, 24-277VAC 20A Tungsten Halogen Incandescent, 24-277VAC 30A Ballast, 347VAC 20A Ballast, 24-277VAC 20A LED Driver,120VAC 1/2Hp Motor, 277VAC 1Hp Motor, 240VAC 1Hp Motor

The Leviton line of GreenMAX® Relay Modules offers features and performance not available from any competing product on the market today. For increased reliability and durability, GreenMAX Relay Modules have a 25,000A Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) at 277VAC. All GreenMAX Relay Modules are 1-pole or 2-pole latching relay types that reduce parasitic energy use. All relay modules are the same physical size, allowing the optimal mix of relays to be customized for each application. Models include a basic control relay module, a Return- To-Closed relay module, and a self-contained 0-10VDC (sinking) dimming relay module featuring daylight harvesting capabilities. The GreenMAX Metering Relays allow energy usage monitoring to each relay in the cabinet. Monitored parameters include: Energy, Apparent Energy, Reactive Energy, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, and Harmonic Distortion. All relays must be used in a GreenMAX system cabinet.
UPC Code: 07847768644
Country of Origin : China

Product Information

  • All GreenMAX relay modules have a 25,000A at 277VAC Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) for increased reliability and durability
  • Rated at 30A General Fluorescent Ballast and 20A Incandescent, HID, Electronic Ballast
  • Meets energy code requirements for ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24
  • All relay models are latching with a manual actuator to reduce parasitic energy waste over NO/NC relays
  • Manual actuation lever on all GreenMAX relays allow users to manually turn lights ON or OFF without a CPU or power
  • No exposed printed circuit boards or components. The encased plastic housing provides the perimeter of safety. Wire terminations are safely contained within the plastic housing. Wires connect directly to terminators rather than terminals that are soldered to a circuit board, which are prone to breaking connections to the board.
  • Self-contained 20A, 0-10VDC (sinking) dimming relay module in 1-pole configurations features daylight harvesting capabilities for compatible fluorescent and LED drivers
  • Conductors for the 20A, 0-10VDC (sinking) dimming relay circuit must be run in the Line and Load conductor area in the GreenMAX cabinet. The insulation of these conductors must be in compliance with all applicable electrical codes. The NEC will allow this condition if the insulation of the low voltage wires is rated for the highest voltage available in the compartment.
  • Metering relays provide 3% accuracy and are not suitable for revenue grade applications. Data is provided over BACnet through analog output objects and may be aggregated using Leviton’s Measurement & Verification products.
  • Green and red LED indicators showing ON/OFF status

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