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Power Extender, Incandescent and Magnetic Low-Voltage, 1920W


Power Extender Incandescent and Magnetic Low-Voltage, 1920W / 1920VA at 120 Volt AC 50/60Hz, Phase Independent of Control Device

The Leviton PE100-1 Power Extender allows a dimming zone’s power handling capacity to be extended to a full 1920W/VA on 120V input power. It allows a zone to dim or switch a fully loaded circuit of incandescent and magnetic low voltage loads only.
UPC Code: 078477375297
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • Electrical Specifications

    Voltage : 120 VAC

    Wattage Per Channel : 1920

  • Product Features

    Color : White

    Control Input : 120 Volt 50/60Hz

    Device Type : Power Extender

    Load Output : Phase Independent of Control Device

    Load Rating : 1920W / 1920VA

    Load Type : Incandescent and Magnetic Low-Voltage

    Notes : If dimmer has a Neutral wire it must be connected.

    Product Category : System or Network

    Product Line : Power Extenders

    Product Type : Power Extender

    Standards and Certifications : UL/CSA

    Voltage : 120 VAC

    Warranty : 2-Year Limited

  • Works with incandescent, magnetic low voltage, halogen or neon/cold cathode lighting
  • Low-end trim available for setting the minimum brightness level
  • Emulates the characteristics of the dimmer that it is connected to in terms of dimming range and resolution
  • Works with any Dimensions Multi-zone Controller/Dimmer to extend load capacity on any zone