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Occupancy Sensor, Low Voltage, PIR, Wall Mount, Aisle, High Bay, Up to 55' Coverage, Isolated Relay, True White


Low Voltage Occupancy Sensor lighting control, Wall Mount, PIR, 1A 30VDC Isolated Relay, 24VAC/VDC, High Bay, USMCA, Title 24 Compliant, True White

Specifically designed for long, relatively narrow spaces such as warehouse aisles and corridors, the OSWHB-RIW Occupancy Sensor provides high sensitivity and long range detection. Additionally, the sensor is designed with an isolated relay contact, enabling the sensor to interface with other systems (example: BAS, HVAC or any dry-contact capable device or system).

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Color: True White

UPC Code: 078477553725
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • Standards and Certifications

    Color : True White

    USMCA Compliant : Yes

  • Product Features

    Color : True White

    Coverage (Sq.Ft.) : 55FT x 7FT @ 30FT Height

    Made in USA : No

    Product Line : OSWHB

    Sensor Type : Wall Mount

    Technology : Passive Infrared

    True White : Yes

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Coverage (Sq.Ft.) : 55FT x 7FT @ 30FT Height

    Relay Type : Isolated Relay

  • Electrical Specifications

    Line Voltage : No

    Voltage : 24 VDC

  • Combines PIR Technology with a microprocessor based digital architecture. By eliminating false triggering, the sensor provides a trouble-free "install and forget" solution for lighting control
  • Self-adjusting settings continuously analyze and adjust infrared sensitivity, timer operation, and long term performance
  • Adjustable swivel neck rotates 80 degrees vertically and 60 degrees horizontally. Can be used for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Ambient light override prevents lights from turning on when there is ample natural light
  • Self-Adjusting delayed-off time interval settings for 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Compensates for real-time occupancy patterns- preventing unnecessary on/off switching
  • Non-volitile memory preserves all automatic and manual settings during power outages.
  • Fast, simple installation using 3 color-coded low-voltage wires and a single mounting post
  • Excellent 5-Year Limited warranty
  • Typical Applications: Long narrow spaces such as Warehouse Aisles and Corridors where a high mounting height (up to 30 Feet) is desireable

  • USD548125

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