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Occupancy Sensor, Ultrasonic, Ceiling Mount, 500SF, White


Occupancy Sensor lighting control, Ceiling Mounted, Ultrasonic only, 24VDC, 25mA power consumption, 500 sq ft, 180 degree (major motion: 23'Lx23'W, minor motion 17'Lx17'W), green LED, auto adapting, walk-through, time delay 30s-30m, test mode (6s time delay for 15m with auto exit), connect gray wire for photocell ambient light hold-off, 360 degree harmonic wheel (rotatable), mounting height 8'-10', PIR, cUL/NOM/ANCE listed, CEC Title 24 compliant. Color: off-white.

Microprocessor based, the OSCXX-U has a self adapting feature that compensates for air flow, giving it excellent immunity to air currents and other interference. 

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Color: White

UPC Code: 078477180549
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Product Information

  • Product Features

    Color : White

    Coverage (Sq.Ft.) : 500

    Product Line : OSC05

    Sensor Type : Ceiling Mount

    Technology : Ultrasonic

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Coverage (Sq.Ft.) : 500

  • Material Specifications

    Color : White

    Technology : Ultrasonic

  • Electrical Specifications

    Voltage : 24 VDC

  • Standards and Certifications

    Title 24 Compliant : Yes

  • Small Size: Installed sensor appears almost invisible.
  • Fast Simple Installation: Easy ceiling mount, three wire connection (low voltage) and twist-lock sensor attachment.
  • Accurate, Consistant Switching: Occupant complaints are eliminated; lights are on when room is occupied, off when empty. annoying false-offs are minimized and lights on at night is eliminated.
  • Self-Adapting: An internal microprocessor continually analyzes, evaluates and adjusts settings. Performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated.
  • Maximum Reliability, Low Cost: All digital circuitry uses a minimum of components.
  • Non-Volatile Memory: Learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory. Power outages will not cause status loss.
  • Ambient Light Recognition: The photocell prevents lights from turning on when room is adequately lit by natural light.
  • Excellent Warranty: 5-Year Limited warranty.
  • Typical Applications: Cafeteria, Computer Room, Office w/Cubicles, File Room, Partitioned Restroom, Warehouse Open Area, Work Space General, Workout Facility, Gymnasium, or Hallway

  • MX24023
  • US7800049
  • USD561630
  • USD573053

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