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Occupancy Sensor, Dual Relay, PIR, Wall Switch, 2100SF, 120-277V, Ivory, USMCA Compliant, Decora®


AutoON/AutoOFF PIR Occupancy Sensor (ManualON/AutoOFF selectable) lighting control, Vandal resistant PIR lens, Manual 2 Pole Wall Switches. Robust Dual Latching 10A Relays, No-Neutral wire required. Adjustable Service Switch: OFF/AUTO/ON (Keep in AUTO), 120/208/220/230/240/277VAC, 50/60hz, Field of View 2100 sq ft (Motion: Major 60'x40'; Minor 40'x20'), Dual Pyrometers for true 180 degree view with Blinders (32 degree block on each side). Adjustable time delay (in Adapting mode: 30s, 5/10/20m, Non-Adapting mode: 5/10/20/30m), Walk-through feature, Audible Beep Warn. Light Sensor (Photocell) included for Ambient Light Hold-Off feature. Daylighting: Classroom Mode (operates both relays) and Conference Room Mode (operates 2 relay after). CEC Title 20/24 compliant. USMCA Compliant. Wall plate sold separately. Color: Ivory. The ODS0D uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to monitor a room for occupancy through a segmented Fresnel lens. This specialized lens divides the field-of-view into sensor zones. When a person passes into or out of a sensor zone, the sensor detects motion and switches two separate lighting loads ON. The lights will remain ON as long as there is an occupant moving through the sensor zones.

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Color: Ivory

UPC Code: 07847745250
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • Warranty

    Warranty : 5-Year Limited

  • Electrical Specifications

    Frequency : 50/60Hz

    Load Rating : Primary Relay Fluorescent: 1200VA @ 120V 2700VA @ 277V Incandescent: 800W @ 120V - Secondary Relay Fluorescent: 800VA @ 120V 1200VA @ 277V Incandescent: 800W @ 120V

    Neutral Wire Connection : Not Required

    Power Consumption : 120V - 110mW, 277V - 270mW

    Voltage : 120/230/277 VAC

    Wiring : Primary Relay No. 16 AWG leads: Line-Black, Load-Blue, Ground-Green - Secondary Relay N0. 18 AWG isolated contact leads: (2) Red

  • Performance Specifications

    Coverage (Sq.Ft.) : 2100

    Pattern : 180°

  • Type

    Product Type : Occupancy Sensor

  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature : 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)

    Relative Humidity : 20% to 90% non-condensing

    Storage Temperature Range : 14° to 185°F (-10° to 85°C)

  • Product Features

    Adjustment : Self-Adjusting

    Application : Classrooms,Multimedia Rooms,Daylight Harvesting,Conference Rooms,Day Care Centers,Offices,Lounges,Bi-Level or A/B Switching

    Code Compliance : California Title 24

    Color : Ivory

    Consumption (mA) : N/A

    Device Type : Occupancy Sensor

    Domestic Content : NAFTA Compliant

    Grade : Commercial

    HVAC Relay : N/A

    LED Color : Red

    Mounting : Wall Switch

    Mounting Height (Ft.) : 4 Ft.

    Number of Relays : 2

    Photocell : Internal

    Power Pack : External Power Pack Not Required

    Product Line : ODS0D

    Secondary Relay : 800W@120V INC 800VA@120V 1200VA@277V FL

    Sensor Technology : Passive Infrared (PIR)

    Sensor Type : Occupancy

    Standards and Certifications : UL/cUL

    Time Delay : 30s-30m

    Wallplate : Order Separately

  • Standards and Certifications

    Listings : cUL/US Certified, can be used to comply with Title 24, Part 6 occupancy sensing requirements, FCC Compliant

    USMCA Compliant : Yes

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Mounting Type : Wall Switch

    Relay Type : Dual Relay

    Size : Height 4.06" (103.2mm), Width 1.75" (44.4mm), Depth 1.83"(47mm), Install Depth 1.35"(34.4mm), Install Height 2.60"(66.2mm)

    Switch Type : Single-Pole, Dual Relay

  • Exclusive dual PIR design provides unmatched range and small motion detection.
  • Provides automatic switching for two separate banks of fluorescent, incandescent, or low-voltage lighting from a single unit. Ideal for classrooms, day care centers, offices, multimedia areas, conference rooms, lounges and other commercial areas.
  • Convenient dual push-buttons provide manual ON/OFF light switching of each load at any time.
  • Conference Room Mode—Primary and secondary relays switch lighting to last ON/OFF status when personnel enter room, providing a consistent lighting level from one occupancy period to the next. Both relays respond to Ambient Light Override, preventing lights from turning ON automatically during periods of ample natural light, for increased energy savings.
  • Class Room Mode—Both primary and secondary relays always switch lighting ON when personnel enter room, regardless of their ON/OFF status during last period of occupancy. Secondary relay only responds to Ambient Light Override—primary does not, ensuring that students and personnel never enter a darkened room.
  • Viewing Mode feature for slide or film presentations allows push buttons to turn lights OFF and keep them OFF even if room is occupied.
  • Self-adjusting delayed-OFF time interval compensates for real-time occupancy patterns, preventing unnecessary ON/OFF switching.
  • Exclusive Walk-Through feature provides increased energy savings by not leaving the lights ON for an extended period after only momentary occupancy.
  • Non-Adaptive Mode disables Self-Adjusting Delayed-OFF Time and Walk-Through Feature in applications where these feature are not desired.
  • New, low-profile design eliminates obtrusive “scanning-device” look. Elegant styling complements any interior; uses Decora® brand wallplates and coordinates with Leviton’s popular line of Decora® brand wiring devices.
  • 180° field-of-view provides approximately 2100 square feet of coverage, suitable for a variety of commercial areas.
  • Segmented Fresnel lens provides optimum sensitivity and performance. Designed with an extensive “small motion” area where even slight body movements will be detected.
  • Horizontal field of view may be adjusted between 180° and 32° arc by using integral blinders located on either side of the lens.
  • Optional manual adjustment for delayed-OFF time settings of 30 seconds (for walking test), 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes. Allows customized adjustments to maximize energy savings.
  • Adjustable Ambient Light Override ranges from approximately 2 foot-candles (2 lux) to 500+ foot-candles (500+ lux).
  • Self-Adjusting Ambient Light Override compensates for changes in lighting requirements after override level has been set.
  • Manual-ON / Automatic-OFF mode for installations where manual ON switching is required but automatic OFF switching is still desired for energy savings.
  • LED indicator light flashes when sensor detects motion to verify detection is active.
  • Unit beeps 3 times after delayed-OFF time expires, then waits 10 seconds before turning lights OFF.
  • One unit can be used for either 120V or 277V lighting. Compatible with both electronic and magnetic ballasts.
  • Primary relay switches at the zero crossing point of the AC power curve to ensure longer contact life and compatibility with electronic ballasts.
  • Unit fits in standard single-gang wallbox and replaces two single-pole wall switches; ground connection required. Gangable with other devices.
  • CUL/US Certified, complies with California Title 24 Energy Code and FCC Regulations.
  • Limited Five-Year Warranty.

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