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miniZ™ Dimming, Dual Room, 2 Relay, 347V


miniZ™ Controller, Dimming Model, Dual Room, 2 Relay 347V

The dual room miniZ™ Controller allows two individual rooms to be independently controlled (single zone for each room) and offers the same performance features as the popular miniZ™ Controller with a compact, versatile, cost-effective, code-compliant approach to daylight harvesting.
UPC Code: 078477336298
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Product Line : miniZ

    Product Type : Room Controller

  • Two individual room control (single zone for each room) combining separate daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and switching in one compact box
  • Ladderless Commissioning™ provides install-and-forget convenience
  • Autocal™ setting (patent pending) automatic photocell calibration
  • Automatic closed loop setting (one zone per room) daylight control
  • Automatic Correction setting for Light Loss Factor (LLF) recognizes and corrects for Lumen Maintenance Issues
  • Simplified daylight harvesting with 3% to 100% dimming capabilities (0-10V fluorescent dimming ballasts required)
  • Automatic Daylight Harvest Mode provides optimum lighting output for additional energy savings potential
  • Convenient two occupancy sensor and two photocell integration
  • Daylight switching, full range 0-10V dimming and network models available
  • Cost effective energy code compliance
  • Simplified integration with emergency and building automation systems
  • Accepts external time clock inputs
  • Closed loop or open loop daylight control
  • Isolated contacts for HVAC relay

  • US7501774

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