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Smart Mains Metering Accessory


Leviton's Smart Mains Metering Accessory (LSMMA) provide an intuitive way to directly monitor the real-time energy consumption and production of energy sources (Grid/Solar/Generator) in your Leviton Load Center. Featuring a split-core design for easy installation, LSMMA CTs simply clip onto the conductors at the service mains or 2-Pole Circuit Breaker where the energy source is fed. The Whole Home Energy Monitor (LWHEM-2) supports up to three pairs of LSMMA CTs to provide an aggregate view of the electrical system in the My Leviton app.

  • SMART - View real-time energy consumption and production data, as well as historical trends to find opportunities to conserve energy and save money
  • EASY - Split-core design simplifies installation
  • FLEXIBLE - Up to three pairs of Smart Mains Metering Accessories (LSMMA) can be connected to a Whole Home Energy Monitor (LWHEM-2), providing direct monitoring of the home's energy sources
  • WHOLE HOME - The My Leviton app delivers a streamlined Smart Home and Energy Management experience by unifying control, scheduling, and personalization of Leviton Smart Circuit Breakers, Decora Smart Wi-Fi Lighting, and Evr-Green Electric Vehicle Chargers in a single interface
  • PROPRIETARY - Designed for use with the Leviton Load Center. Leviton Smart Mains Metering Accessory require a Whole Home Energy Monitor (LWHEM-2) to operate
UPC Code: 7847787736
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • Electrical Specifications

    Voltage : 120/240VAC and 120/208 VAC

  • Frequency

    Frequency (Hertz) : 60Hz

  • US11228912

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