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e2XHD 1RU High-Density Universal Angled Panel


e2XHD 1RU High-Density Universal Angled Panel, accepts shielded, unshielded, and fibre cassettes. Available for customers in Europe only.

Country of Origin : Taiwan

Product Information

  • Panels allow a mix-and-match of shielded, unshielded, and fibre e2XHD cassettes
  • Alignment tabs ensure upright insertion of cassettes
  • To remove cassettes from the panel, simply pull out the handle using the release latch
  • Rear Cable Manager supports copper or fibre cables, and snaps directly to panel without tools
  • Cassette Blanks available for unused cassette openings
  • Panel Cover minimises dust or debris

  • CA2880810
  • US8958680
  • US9077126
  • US9236691

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